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JCD G9 28W/35W/42W/52W/70W

Halogen Bulb is a kind of simple, evergy saving and Eco-friendly lighting bulbs.

With very simple design, it is easy to install and maintain. It contains no murcury, and can be instantly 100% lit. The light emitted is soft white with high CRI (Ra=100), but no UV, IR or flicker.

Campared with incandescent bulb,the halogen bulb has longer lifespan -- average 2,000hrs,  and can save 30% energy. Its energy effiency class can be up to C.

Thus, the halogen bulb is a perfect replacement of traditional incandescent bulb.
  • Specification
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Bulb type G9 Voltage 110-130V / 220-240V
Base  G9 Watts 18W/20W/28W/35W/42W/52W/70W
Dimension (D X H ) 13*42mm Lumen 210LM/240LM/375LM/499LM/629LM/820LM/1177LM
Materials of house QUARTZ Color Temp. 2700K
Finish CLEAR / FROSTED Ra 100
EEI – Energy Label C Power Factor 1
Rated lamp life 2000 Hours Beam Angle 360
Certificate CE, Rohs Dimmable Yes

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