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T5 Germicidal Fluorescent Lamp
T5-4W 6W 8W


1. Radiating mainly short-wave ultr-violet rays of 253.7nm(UVC). The UVC has stron destructive effect on DNA systemiztion, inhibiting pathogen reproduction, and causing to die of germs

2. The lamp tube is made of special material, it can transmit more than 70% UV-C

3. Widely used in hospital disinfection, food sanitation, instrument disinfection, different sanitary places and leather aging.


  • Specification
  • Description
Bulb type T5  Voltage 110-130V / 220-240V
Base  G5 Watts 4W/ 6W / 8W
Dimension (D X H ) 16*150 / 16*226 / 16*302mm  Wave lenngth  254nm with or without ozone
Materials of house Glass  Color Temp. NA 
Finish Clear  Ra NA 
EEI C Energy Label NA  Power Factor 1
Rated lamp life 8000 Hours Beam Angle 360
Certificate CE, Rohs Dimmable No

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